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Our Roots

From earliest times the waters off Bellport have influenced and charmed the lives of those who live nearby. Offshore whaling and the digging of clams for food and wampum were pursuits of the Indians. Bellport Bay is landlocked on three sides and until the middle of the 17th century this was the home of the Unkechaug Indians, with headquarters in Mastic. They called the section now Bellport, Occumbomock, meaning "opposite the fishing place," which was the inlet through the great south barrier beach from the Atlantic Ocean. Tobaccus, Sachem of the Unkechaugs, sold the land that is now Bellport, Brookhaven Hamlet, and the lands to the north of these two villages to a group of men who settled in Setauket in 1655. They wanted the abundant grasslands on the south side of the island to furnish salt hay and grass as bedding for their livestock. They also had their eyes on the whaling industry and fishing in the bay, especially the shell fishing. On June, 1664 an agreement was signed between Tobaccus and a group of men represented by Richard Howell and John Cooper.

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Loved by All


Beach lovers enjoy Ho-Hum Beach (called Bellport Beach by most residents) which is the jewel of the Village and is located on Fire Island between Smith Point County Park and Watch Hill / Fire Island National Seashore on the ocean. It is serviced by the village-owned 42-passenger ferry, the Whale House Point or by private boat. The Beach is rarely crowded, with 65 or 70 visitors considered unusual. Following local custom, residents and guests line up their sandals and sneakers at the head of the stairs that lead down to the beach. There is a beach concession for food and snacks and lifeguards are on duty when the ferry is in operation. Mother's Beach, located on the bay, offers a closer alternative and is often filled with families, just a quick walk from the center of town.

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Our Unique

Community Ammenities

Bellport residents enjoy some of the most diverse community amenities on the South Shore of Long Island. In addition to The Gateway Playhouse and dozens of lovely shops and restaurants, this idyllic village is home to the The Bellport Marina, Bellport Country Club, Tennis Center, and Bellport Golf Course, a pristine 18-hole layout and one of only a handful of golf courses in America that dates back to the 19th Century.

The Bellport Marina is busy year round. During the warmer months, sailboat races happen every week and residents gather to socialize while children play on the newly refurbished playground. When the bay freezes solid during the colder months, hockey games, skating and sledding are just a few of the numerous activities happening while ice scooters race across the bay as fast as the wind will carry them. The Marina offers a spectacular view of the Great South Bay and Fire Island. It is surrounded by lush park grounds, a playground, and a band shell. There are over 150 berths in the Marina along with a launching ramp and preference is given to village residents. Fishing and crabbing from the dock is a must!

For the most up to date information on facilities, activities and events, visit the Village website (https://www.bellportvillageny.gov)

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Annual Events


Bellport has an annual outdoor art fair and a summer concert series at the village bandshell at the Bellport Marina. This is on Friday evenings throughout the summer months.




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Community Upkeep


Created in 1969 the Post-Morrow Foundation procures undeveloped land as well as properties and buildings of regional significance. Acres surrounding wetlands, creeks and other river areas have been protected by the Foundation. The Foundation also conducts a boat-building school in the Hamlet.


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Unique Sports


When the temperature hovers below 20 degrees and the chill winds blow hard, most people avoid going near the beach. Not here in Bellport. That's when members of the South Bay Scooter Club pull out their ice scooters and gather in force along the Bellport shore.

Ice scooters, which are indigenous to Bellport, have been sailing Great South Bay for more than 100 years. At first, locals used them to bring supplies across the icy bay to the US Lifesaving Station on Fire Island. With runners attached to their wooden hulls, the craft could both skim over the ice and scoot over open water. The scooter is typically 14 to 16 feet long with a bowsprit, called a horn, and carry two sails. The rig is rudderless so the skipper steers with the sail. The scooter can travel to speeds of 50 to 60 mph when the winds are strong. This is not laid back. You take a few friends out and you quickly learn there are two kinds of people: Those who want to get off!! and those want to stay on. Most will make up their minds in one ride. The scooter was the influence for the Old Purchase Properties logo in the early days of our business.

The South Bay Scooter Club meets at the Bellport Yacht Club at the Bellport Marina and is open to anyone interested in ice scooters during the winter.


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"The antithesis of the Hamptons… elite but never ostentatious."

– The New York Times

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The Old Purchase South


For fifty fadum of wampum, which was actually paid by four fur coats and $16.25 in cash, the men bought a substantial tract of south shore land and the fishing rights off its shore. In March 1667 Tobaccus deeded all whales to the Brookhaven settlers and the Indians continued to be employed by the settlers as whalemen. This land bought from Tobaccus was called The Old Purchase South. Today the ocean offers fishing, swimming, surf boarding and sunning on incomparable beaches, while Bellport Bay provides skating, ice boating and scootering over the frozen ice in winter and sailing and crabbing in summer.Captain Thomas Bell first came to Occumbomock with his brother as an employee of the American Coast Wrecking Company to wreck the Vessel Irene that had foundered off Great South Beach opposite present day Bellport. He was so attracted by the region that in a short time he returned to make this his home. Today the heritage and amenities of the Bellport-Brookhaven area continue to attract old and new residents. Welcome!

"Bellport is one of those best kept secrets of Long Island, a New England-style town whose main intersection is still called “the four corners."

– Forbes

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