SELL your home off-market

Considering selling your home but want to skip the traditional listing process? Here are some of the top benefits of selling off-market

Selling off-market allows you to keep your sale private. This means fewer showings, less foot traffic, and no "For Sale" signs, providing peace of mind and maintaining the privacy of your home and personal life.


Off-market listings are often shown to a select group of qualified buyers. This targeted approach can lead to more serious inquiries and a quicker sale, as your property is introduced to buyers actively looking for homes like yours.


When selling off-market, you have more control over the timeline and terms of the sale. This flexibility can be particularly beneficial if you have specific needs or are looking for a more customized selling experience.

Off-market homes can create a sense of exclusivity and urgency among buyers, often leading to competitive offers. Buyers may be willing to pay a premium for the opportunity to purchase a unique property before it hits the open market.


Old Purchase Properties stands as a premier leader in the off-market real estate sector within the Bellport area. We specialize in connecting discerning buyers with exclusive properties not listed on public MLS databases.

At the heart of our operations is a steadfast commitment to privacy, recognizing it as one of the most cherished assets for our clients. Many of our clients highly value discretion, and we strive to provide them with the utmost confidentiality and security in their transactions.

Despite not being publicly listed on MLS, the properties we handle are fully available to any interested, qualified buyer.



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